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Engaging in “the Virtuous Struggle”

The Japanese language has a particular fascination with concept of struggle, and with treating struggle as a great virtue. Therefore, let us have some fun with words and phrases that you’ll hear several times a day back-of-house at a business event. Continue reading

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Noma Chef René Redzepi Brings Coals to Newcastle

Kaiseki is different. Yes, you’re “leaving it up to” the chef, but the chef’s preparation started months earlier, not that morning at the fish market. A kaiseki meal may incorporate hundreds of ingredients, and no detail is left unconsidered. Continue reading

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On the Run in Japan

Some of us at The J Team are longtime runners, and we are of the view that there are few better ways to explore a new place (and shake off jet lag!) than by lacing up our running shoes and heading out into the city (or countryside) to see the sights! Continue reading

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In Japan, Take the A(ny) Train

Setting aside trips to Okinawa and Hokkaido (islands), the vast majority of Japanese have never taken a domestic airplane trip. And why would they? A handful of countries have well-developed high-speed railway systems, but Japan remains by far the world leader in terms of reach, efficiency, comfort and safety. Trains just make sense for business events. Continue reading

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So, by now if you’re interested in Japan, you’ve heard the Big News: from 11 October, tourists will be able to visit Japan without a visa, and will no longer need to go through a travel agency.

What’s the tourism environment likely to be after 11 October? We’re confident it will be fantastic. Continue reading

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