Our Ethos

If it falls your lot to be a street sweeper, sweep streets like
Michelangelo painted pictures … Be the best of whatever you are

— Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., 1967


Why ‘The J Team’?

Certainly, it’s a name designed to generate a smile, and hopefully to stick in the memory; and, it does represent a small nod to the early eighties cultural moulding of The J Team’s MD; J is for Japan, our product; but the most important word is the last and the longest … TEAM.

For while Destination Management certainly isn’t Rocket Science, if it were a sport, it would unquestionably be a team sport. The ‘WOW’ moments for which we constantly strive can be the inspiration of a single creative mind, but they have little lasting meaning unless they are underpinned by the highest level of service and attention to detail at every stage, significant or obscure, of the planning, preparation, production and after-care of an event. This can only be achieved by a Team in which everyone understands their role, large or small, and in which everyone shares the same ethos – to execute their assigned role to the best of their ability – to be the best of whatever they are.

This is the fundamental ethos of The J Team, and one with which we welcome every guest who arrives in Japan under our care, be they alone or a member of a group of thousands. And The J Team is not simply these core members. Our Team includes a host of others, porters and drivers, geishas and guides, spread across Japan, all vital to the success of what we do, and all sharing a common desire to be the best at what we are.

What else do we need to be the best? Let’s go back to the original queston …
Why The J Team? … Why Our Team? … Y-Our Team? … Your Team.
Allow us the privilege of making Our Team Your Team, and Your Team the best in Japan !