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Tokyo’s Beautiful Toilets

The Tokyo Toilet initiative brought together some of the biggest names in architecture and design to renovate 17 public restrooms throughout Shibuya. There’s so much to see in Japan … and you can rely on The J Team to show you the good stuff! Continue reading

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What Should I Know about Earthquakes if I’m Planning a Trip to Japan?

In the month since the 1st January 2024 Hokuriku earthquake and 2nd January 2024 Haneda airport accident the world of destination management can learn a lot from Japan about disaster preparedness. We all accept that it is not possible to predict the future with complete accuracy. However, we can have systems in of preparedness in place that are vital in assisting guests and events should unforeseen disaster strike. Have you checked what preparations your DMC has in place? Continue reading

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Yamaguchi, Japan is one of The New York Times’ 52 Places to Go in 2024

Many of The J Team’s clients want to see the crown jewels of Japanese tourism: Kyoto’s temples and gardens, Kamakura’s temples and buddha, the Peace Museum in Hiroshima, the many excitements of Tokyo and Osaka, and so on. But there are other Japans, and we are always thrilled when clients ask us for a glimpse of them as well. Ask us! In the meantime, please enjoy this insight into Yamaguchi. Continue reading

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The Japanese ‘Secret’ to Living (Nearly) Forever? The Food!

Later this month footballer Kazuyoshi Miura will turn 56 (!), and his astonishing longevity as a professional player made us think about Japanese longevity in general. Continue reading

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Oishii – it’s not (just) the taste!

We think it is high time to talk about some language about food, and share what is, probably, one of the most frequently used Japanese words: “oishii”. Liberal deployment of “oishii” will have a deep and positive impact on the people receiving your compliments. Continue reading

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