Facts and Figures

Some Facts:

Company Name: THE J TEAM Co., Ltd.
Date of Opening: 23rd June 2009
Capital: JPY 9,000,000
Directors: Managing Director: Geraint Holt
Director: Yoko Kadonaga
General Manager: James Kent
Head Office: W Building 2F, 1-8-15 Konan, Minato-Ku,
Tokyo 108-0075
Tel 03 6721 5313   Fax 03 5460 1002
Kyoto Office 201 High Estate Nakagyo, 26-1 Tojiji-cho
Yanaginobamba-dori, Oshikoji-agaru
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-0956
TEL: 075-744-0677 FAX: 075-744-1227

Some Figures

In the year to May 2012, in spite of the devastating effect of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear accident of March 11, 2011 on tourism, we welcomed over 2,000 foreign visitors to Japan, generating income in excess of $2 million (USD).
Annually we continue to organize a wide spectrum of $ 1 million (USD)+ events.