Mt. Fuji/Hakone

japan_mt_fuji_david_marks_djpFuji Hakone Izu National Park is roughly 1-2 hour train ride from Tokyo and is a very popular weekend destinations for Tokyoites wishing to enjoy hot-spring soak, hiking, breath-taking view of Mt. Fuji, and some places of historic interests.

Mt. Fuji and Lake Ashi CruiseMt. Fuji is the highest mountain (3,776 m or 12390 ft)in Japan and is a beautiful almost-perfectly corn-shaped “active” volcano, although the last eruption was some 300 years ago. Several eruptions in the long past made dammed lakes and an atrio lake “Lake Ashi”.

Typical one day excursion of Fuji/Hakone can be:

  1. 1-2 hour train journey from Tokyo (either by Odakyu or Shinkansen Bullet Train)
  2. Take the moutain railway to go to Owakudani (Lit.Big Boiling Valley) where you can buy hard-boiled eggs made by soaking in natural hot springs.
  3. Enjoy breath taking view of Mt. Fuji while riding a ropeway/cable car.
  4. Enjoy half an hour cruise around Lake Ashi.
  5. Back to the hotel with hot spring for a nice deep soak!

(Shopping in “Outlet” can also be arranged)