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Join Us To Make The World An Oyster For Junior High School Students

Here at The J Team we are working to encourage a global outlook at a truly local level in Tokyo and Yokohama through projects that connect schools with the international community around them. If you are an international exchange student living in Tokyo or Yokohama, we would like to talk with you.

We love it when more and more schools offer overseas educational trips. Our staff is 40% non-Japanese; and the 60% that is Japanese has a plethora of overseas living experience, and we truly value the power that stems from broadening horizons in a different country (or countries). School trips abroad often give opportunities to meet local teenagers and to share all manner of life experiences such as –
(1) International exchange
(2) Using English (or chosen second language) for real
(3) Challenging each other to explain Japan and its various charming quirks to someone who finds it new, fascinating, and something yet to be fathomed … one day …

However, not all schools are able offer overseas travel opportunities every year. This is where, with your help, The J Team comes in to coordinate international travel experiences in global destination Japan!

Junior high schoolers spend a day with you – one of our crack expat residents – to go on an adventure together. They talk all about their town, find out about your country, where is home, what is important; and why you came to Japan to do what you are doing here. They use this ‘ichi-go ichi-e’ once in a lifetime moment to ask anything and everything. They’re also ready to be quizzed on Japan’s best-kept-secrets, how to use the abundant techno-toilets, the knack of changing shoes gracefully many times a day, the national yet unrecognised obsession with umbrellas, and anything else that comes up in conversation.

If you too are ready to help local teenagers explore the oyster that is the world in Tokyo and Yokohama, you’ve found our website, so maybe you can be hired by The J Team.

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Help offer experiences such as this!