Weird and Wonderful, Indeed

A very brief response to @MMandCompany thanking them for this Tweet:

001 Twitter

Oh yes, Japan is indeed weird, wonderful, and ever-encapsulating. That’s why we’ve been here for so long doing what we do.

Shoes are certainly an art-form.

03 Shoes

Vending machines serve every need.

05 - Vending Machines

It is possible to make a mountain out of a pile of rice.

04 Food

English comes with a sense of humour.

02 English 01 - Fast Food

02 English - Cheese Pound

Everything, absolutely everything, can do with a bit of added cuteness.

01 Cute -1 - Dressed Statue

01 Cute - Traffic Bollards

And the bus drivers are not afraid to say what they really think.

06 Kyoto Bus