THE J TEAM Grows … Younger

Increasing demand for genuine DMC services in Japan has led to a growth and reformatting of THE J TEAM, Japan’s specialist DMC.

Meet the new Team members:

Sarah – Her youthful journey has already taken in 4 of the world’s great cities, Tokyo, Singapore, Manila & Brighton, and brought her trilingual (Japanese-English-Tagalog) fluency, a degree in Event Management, a year’s experience of MICE-handling at Kuoni UK, a surprisingly mature taste in 80s music & a small dog. Under the Universal Theory of Youthful Vitality, as the most youthful member of The J Team, Sarah is already its most vital, & that youthful vitality & her multicultural experiences are channeled into each event she co-ordinates.

Hitomi – You can count on The J Team, and The J Team counts on Hitomi, our Counter Fortissimo! The newest member of the Team, Hitomi’s academic endeavors reached their crescendo at Tokyo’s famous Kunitachi College of Music. And having embarked on a career in accounting, Hitomi still enjoys nothing more than jamming & playing sessions on her Magic Flute with musicians she meets on her travels abroad. Now, whether Beat Counting in sessions far afield, or Bean Counting in Tokyo, Hitomi puts the Beat in our Balance Sheet.

And re-acquaint yourself with the repositioned Team members:

Akiko – A fully qualified guide & interpreter, Akiko spent one of her formative years on the other side of the world in Argentina. After gaining more than 4 years’ experience as a co-ordinator in our Tokyo Head Office, Akiko relocated to Kyoto, and is now gaining a local’s knowledge of Western Japan, and applying her unique insider’s perspective of both Tokyo & Kyoto to the events she co-ordinates. At the same time, she has added her personal flame of Latin-American passion and the occasional Tango to our Kansai Team. Arriba, Akiko!

Loic – A French national born in Geneva, Loic brought his jeunesse, trilingual (French-English-Japanese) talents & academic and working experience of Travel to The J Team in 2012. During 18 months in Kyoto, Loic’s Gallic charm & innate creativity quickly gained fame across Kansai, so, now based in Tokyo, it’s no surprise that he, his black belt in Aikido, & all the powerful ‘ki’ that goes with it are quickly burning an impression on Eastern Japan, raising energy levels in 24/7 Tokyo still higher, & adding a 2nd-dan of security to each event he works on!