Details that Move a Room

IMEX_Table_DecorA big thank you to Susanna Wellenberg who ignored our request not to spend hours making origami table decorations for the special Japan breakfast in celebration of Washoku (the culture of Japanese cuisine) enjoyed by 30 guests at IMEX Frankfurt ( on 21st May 2014. Take a look at the detail in the picture above.

We are not sure which moved the room more: Susanna’s guest speech about the culture and technicalities of Japanese food, or her artistic contribution of floral table decorations made from hundreds of hand folded paper tsuru cranes. Proof, if it were needed, that it is the meticulous attention to detail that brings money-can’t-buy value. We are honoured that Susanna is part of our extended Team!

Event co-hosts – Hilton Worldwide Japan, Hiroshima CVB, Kyoto CB, Osaka CVB, and Tokyo CVB – are further delighted to have Jonathan Bradshaw (CEO ) on the Team. Jon took us on a brief history of breakfast and brought us insights into what both the Romans and Brits brought to the table; before helping the gathered meetings industry understand the power of bringing the right nutrition to events at the right time of day.

We each left the breakfast wiser and healthier meeting professionals.