Getting behind the scenes of the destination and being prepared

Kyoto_Evacuation_PlanThe whole raison d’etre of a destination management company is simply that – to manage the destination and assist our business partners in getting the most value out of it.

In so doing it is our duty to ask questions that need asking and address issues that need addressing. One of these is the reality that – albeit a very very remote possibility – an earthquake, typhoon, flood or other disaster might strike during an event we are assisting. To quote the instructor at the disaster preparedness centre, “we cannot stop earthquakes happening, but through proper preparation we can reduce the damage they cause”.

With this sentiment very much top of mind, The J Team teammates in West Japan took advantage of a special training session organised by City of Kyoto and the British Consulate to learn the special and specific measures in place by City of Kyoto to assist city visitors – especially those from overseas – in the event that a large and devastating earthquake affects the city.

The J Team is encouraged that the local authorities have a solid plan and the cooperation of large land owners such as the many ancient temples in the city to provide assistance to our business partners and their events. Attendance at the event also established a link between The J Team and local authorities that will serve you well when you use our services in Japan.


The J Team prepares for an earthquake simulation at Kyoto Disaster Prepardness Centre, as reported by Yomuri Shimbun newspaper.