Japan clears up after Typhoon Man-yi

Japan is now clearing up after the powerful and destructive Typhoon Man-yi tore through the centre of the main island of Honshu from the night on Sunday 15th September until the night of Monday 16th September 2013.

Updated Thursday 19th September.

Mrs Tea (the better four-fifths of The J Team DMC’s Mister Tea) was seen in tears of admiration as she watched chefs, kitchen staff, housekeeping, in fact everyone helping guests to safety in boats and with piggybacks as some parts of Arashiyama in Kyoto flooded. “That is Japanese ‘omotenashi’ hospitality”, she said, “everyone, each and all hands on deck to help guests and make them comfortable”.

The following is a review of the current situation in Japan as of 8:00 on Wednesday 18th September:

Key destinations – Tokyo
Situation normal.

Key destinations – Kyoto
The city centre is normal.

Some parts of the extreme south of the city experienced flooding at the weekend and the clear up operation is in progress but this does not affect MICE events and tourism. The Kyoto Team visited this area with a client on Wednesday 18th September and found everything operating as normal with the area buzzing with visitors.

Some parts of Arashiyama experienced flooding and the clear up operation is currently underway. This will take some time and some tourism is affected. Interviews with local business owners on NHK Kyoto news on Tuesday 17th September suggest that accommodation, restaurants and other facilities will be back online by the start of the peak tourist season beginning in early October.

The J Team DMC local office is keeping a close watch on the situation and is working with clients on an individual basis.

Key destinations – Osaka & Kobe

Situation normal.

Key destinations – Mt. Fuji area
No disruptions reported.

Other destinations
Some areas such as northern Kyoto prefecture and Shiga prefecture are beginning clear up operations after the typhoon. Individual clients will be advised as necessary.

Transport – International airports
Flights operating normal schedules

Transport – Shinkansen Bullet Train
Services were delayed during the typhoon and have been operating at normal level since Tuesday 17th September.

Transport – Other rail
Services normal.

Transport – Motorways

Some motorways were closed for the typhoon and its aftermath. All are currently open and operating as normal.

Transport – Other roads

Services normal.