Hooray for Tokyo 2020!


The J Team Japan Specialist DMC jumps for joy on hearing decision is Tokyo 2020.

Individual comments. (In no particular order.)

I was a 15 year old in my first year of high school at Tokyo 1964. If I’m at Tokyo 2020, I’ll be 71. The arrow of time pierces light and darkness alike, racing towards the bright future. While Tokyo holds that arrow, may there be plenty of love and peace at the Olympics and in the world.


Olympics & Paralympics 2020 Tokyo!! First thing I did was count my age, how old will I be in 2020? And I am so happy I will still be energetic not only to see the Games here but also welcome you with our “omotenashi” hospitality and spirit.

Mister Tea:
At the crack of a Japan dawn on Sunday I recalled the same surprise and elation experienced in 2005 when London won its bid. I am looking forward to Tokyo 2020 delivering that same level of happiness that my native Britain brought me during my visit in July 2012; showing me a nation transformed positively by the power of the Olympics and Paras. Very much looking forward to being part of the fun in 2020!

Absolutely amazing for Japan to be able to host 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics! I am sure that everyone having been to Japan agrees with me that Japan is one of the safest countries in the world where you can expect things to happen as scheduled. So reliable. People are sweet and lovely, so is colourful Japanese food. I very much look forward to welcoming people all over the world.

Each and every one of us in Japan is joining hands to make Tokyo 2020 the best combination of sport and Japanese hospitality ever. The sport is going to move you; and organsiation is going to be so flawless, you’ll never notice it.


I’m so happy to be looking forward to the Olympics here in Tokyo in 2020. It’s the one world city where the transport is guaranteed to amaze,find out what it means to be “on time”. And you’ve got to try our food; as the adage goes, “if you want to eat the best, visit Tokyo”. Finally as the bid committee said, you must come and experience our “omotenashi” hospitality, first hand, for real. See you here, Tokyo 2020, or anytime.

Après la défaite de Paris face a Londres pour les Jeux Olympiques de 2012, je suis heureux de pouvoir accueillir les Jeux de 2020 dans mon pays d’adoption et faire découvre cette culture unique qu’est la culture Japonaise, ses traditions, ses paysages et sites d’exception, a chaque visiteur qui viendra faire vibrer les stades et encourager les athlètes participants a des Jeux qui seront sans aucuns doutes des Jeux dignes de l’Olympe!

Really looking forward to welcoming you to Japan to see the country growing towards Tokyo 2020. Borrowing words from Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, “leave it to us!”. The J Team DMC is here for you. You are safe in the knowledge that everything will work to Japanese perfection with that extra special The J Team wow!