THE J TEAM DMC is delighted to congratulate the inscription of Mt. Fuji on to the list of World Cultural Heritages compiled by UNESCO. This act confirms once again the importance of this mountain of mountains to the culture and psychology of Japan and its people.

– 981 properties on heritage list world wide
– 17 in Japan make it one of the most listed countries
– Mt. Fuji inscription June 2013
– 20+ Japanese Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity
– UNESCO cultural heritages are highlights of events in Japan

Mt. Fuji is often one of the first landmarks recognised as your plane descends into Narita or Haneda international airports. Moreover she takes the breath away for several minutes on the bullet train between Tokyo and Nagoya, Kyoto & Osaka. Not only that, she is an ever willing presence overlooking events that take place in Tokyo.

THE J TEAM DMC has had the pleasure of bringing Fuji-themed elements to many an event over the years. From a team building climb to the top, through taking in the vista over a glass of champagne from nearby lakes, to Fuji-centred calligraphy workshops. There is so much to explore with this mountain and we invite you to work with us on a Fuji meditation and breakfast, or a Fuji sunset; pushing whichever boundary your event needs.

Mt. Fuji is not the only UNESCO-listed phenomenon that can be used in your next Japan event. Many of the Buddhist temples and castles in Kyoto can be used as special event venues. There is also a vast array of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity that make a stunning feature in your event programme: Noh theatre, kabuki, and Kyoto’s Gion Festival are just three from this list that counts more than twenty.

Mountain of Mountains
My first breathtaking sight of Mt. Fuji was from the saddle of my mountain bike, writes Mr. Tea. Having ventured to Fuji’s foot on a 500km ride, and in doing so passing thousands of Japan’s tens of thousands of sharp-peaked mountains (many of which are bright green from the tea fields on their slopes), I was frankly sceptical that I could be impressed by ‘just another mountain’. How wrong I was. It continues to take my breath away each time I see it from bullet train window, Tokyo skyscraper, and crater edge. And that is the reason that Fuji is the mountain of mountains – are there any other natural monuments in this world that can be appreciated on a daily basis by more than half of a nation’s population?